Nutri-Mil is a complete soy-based drink that is mixed with cold water. In adequate amounts, Nutri-Mil can provide in total daily needs. Nutri-Mil is easy to mix and lactose and gluten free.

Use as a food supplement to improve nutrient intake and support weight gain. Can be used as a complete enteral feed.

Nutri-Mil is available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours.

Pack Sizes
24 X 440g resealable foil sachets with a scoop

Ingredient Statement
Corn syrup solids, Soy Protein Isolate, Sucrose, Fructo-oligosacharides, Vegetable Oil, Calcium Caseinate, Methyl Suphonyl Methane, Flavouring, Vitamins, Minerals.

Nutritional Information
For full nutritional information on the product please contact our Dietician, Tandi Matoti-Mvalo RD (SA), at