Diva’s Environment

Technology and care

The position of the Diva factory in Cape Town, within close proximity to the harbour area, allows the company to rapidly dispatch containers for export. The company is well placed to reach beyond southern Africa into the rest of the continent as well as other nutrition crisis zones around the world.

The company has now invested in a RUTF plant in Kommetjie, Cape Town, and the highest design standards have been applied.

Prior to the erection of the factory a series of research projects carried out between 1998 and 2002 resulted in a precursor RUTF product that was later modified into the present Imunut. The design and setting up of the RUTF factory was a year long process. A thorough R & D procedure was followed which included the sourcing of equipment and subsequent carrying out of laboratory and factory trials.

Although current capacity is based on existing market demands, the company has the capability to increase capacity depending on increased future demands.

Diva Nutritional Products has incorporated In-Line computerised controls and Cleaning in Process (CIP) functions into the process to guarantee both product shelf life and food safety.

The equipment has been designed to process the product in a unique way, thereby ensuring product consistency and long life stability. The laminated aluminium foil envelopes are hermetically packed and sealed under a nitrogen atmosphere thus preventing deterioration of the product. The process enhances the taste, smell and colour of the product and extends the shelf life up to 24 months.