About Diva

General Background of the Company

Errol Collins founded Diva Nutritional Products in 1990 as a home based business and eventually pursued his research in Soya and its application in alleviating hunger in the world.

Diva Nutritional Products commenced as a family-owned business situated in Kommetjie, south of Cape Town on the Peninsula in the Western Cape, providing nutritional products  for use by institutions caring for malnourished individuals and people with HIV/Aids, and now also supplies therapeutic foodstuffs to international and local aid organisations.

Diva has grown over 25 years into a significant supplier of specialised foods and supplements into the local market and supplies Africa and the International market place.

Diva recently began diversifying into ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) products in the form of a paste. Enriched with protein, essential vitamins, minerals, energy and essential fatty acids, it is a vital tool in the fight against acute childhood nutrition.

The company is now 50% owned by the Shalamuka Foundation (through Shalamuka Capital (Pty) Ltd).

“The Shalamuka Foundation is a trust formed in 2006 to act solely as the funding vehicle for the highly regarded Penreach Whole School Development Program.”#


The Penreach mission statement is: To improve the quality and accessibility of education in disadvantaged communities. 


Penreach is a non-profit in-service skills development program supporting qualified and unqualified educators in Mpumalanga and the surrounding areas.”#


“100% of the beneficiaries are black South Africans. At least 94% are women and more than 50% are from rural communities. Beneficiaries are identifiable by their registration with the program.”#


The company, due to cutting edge research and development into the benefits of nutrition for persons suffering from HIV/AIDS, has developed a range of food products that have been accepted on Government tender across the country.


#              Note:

All quotations taken from: http://www.shalamuka.co.za and further information on Penreach is available on: http://www.penreach.org.za .

In May 2005 Diva received its HACCP accreditation and has been accredited with ISO 22000 by SGS, a testimony to our commitment to quality and traceability of our products, in 2010.

Management embraces the BBBEE initiatives of the Department of Trade and Industry. The company has a policy of preferential procurement and is actively encouraging its suppliers to obtain a certified BBBEE rating.

In the spirit of BBBEE the company also actively procures services from so-called “micro” businesses, recognizing the contribution that they can make to the larger economy as they grow and employ more people.

The company employs a large contingent of its work force from the local informal settlement and complies with Employment Equity legislation.

Diva works in compliance with Codex Alimentarius and has been supplying RUTF (ready to use therapeutic foods) both locally and internationally through aid organisations and government departments
Diva has recently been awarded both local and international contracts to supply RUSF (ready to use supplementary foods)